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The Most Underrated Poet in the Universe: D. W. Brainerd


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Contact Site Keeper

Want to know more about Brainerd or write him an email?
David has no personal email address at this time, but I have several!  If you'd like to send him a message, just mail it to me and I'll print it off and give it to him.  Also, if you have any feedback about the site, send me a little something.  (Please note that I do understand that this is just a dinky little Tripod site and that I am being lazy in using an editor instead of actually scripting HTML.)

In any case, just click this link to send me, the humble site keeper, some of that newfangled electronic mail.  Cmon, you know you want to.  And if you don't have one of those lame auto-mail jobbies, have no fear.  Just send the mail with other, more underhanded means of address copying and processing.