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The Most Underrated Poet in the Universe: D. W. Brainerd
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Welcome to the semi-official, yet simultaneously woefully un-official website for the poet D. W. Brainerd (not to be confused with the 18th century missionary David Brainerd who kicked it from tuberculosis at the ripe age of 29 *ahem ahem*).  Tripod member sites have hilarious navigation menus.  Enjoy.

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11-04-2003  Tuesday

Wow!  Ever since I advertised a little, this site has actually had non ninja-kitty hits!  Rock on.  I found out today that I had an error on my _A Turn of the Wheel_ page.  Orders for the book should be accompanied by checks of FOUR dollars, not seven.  It seems I misunderstood David when he said he'd ship it anywhere in the US for 4 dollars.  He meant 4 dollars TOTAL.  I suck.  But thank you to those of you out there ordering the book.  I still haven't interviewed David for the About Brainerd page but he told me today that he'd be happy to let me ask him some questions.

10-30-2003 Thursday

Talked to Brainerd today.  It was my day off but I needed some coffee and a birthday present for my sis so I dropped by ye olde store.  Told him about the site.  He was touched.  David doesn't have web access (he roughs it in the literal sense; no electricity yada yada) but I told him I'd keep him posted on this site and print off any emails I got meant for him.

But bless that man, he looked like he was going to tear up, especially when I told him that the site's title was "DWB, The Most Underrated Poet in the Universe."  So I have the go-ahead, it seems.  I added ordering info for A Turn of the Wheel to the page I have devoted to that work here on the site.  David assured me that he would provide me with more details about his literary career the next time we're goofing off at work, which should be Monday or Tuesday.  =D

10-29-2003 Wednesday

Well here's the site.  I am your humble site keeper, the ex-SPO Ninja Kitty.  (Watashi wa SPO no ninja no neko dewa arimasen.  Sou deshita.)  That's all that is new, except for everything that's in flux.  The nature of things is to change, after all, or so I'm told.

Look down there!  It's a search engine.  How conveeeeenient.